Myxomatosis - the suffering needs to stop NOW!


The Myxomatosis Pressure Group (MPG) has been established to give people a place to say they protest against this awful disease. When I looked around the internet there was surprisingly little about the disease and its cruel effects on wild and domestic rabbits.

There seems to be an acceptance of its existence and of its impact on wild rabbits especially. Due to the large majority of rabbits catching it and being out of sight, we’ve come to ignore it and accept it.

When our pet rabbit died of the disease I was shocked and sickened at the symptoms put upon these animals in order to control their numbers. If indeed their numbers need to be controlled there must be dozens of alternative humane methods of control.

Any disease which blinds its victim in the first few days, blocks its nose so it can’t breathe, forces it to breathe through its mouth so it can’t eat and then lasts upto and over 14 days so the infection can spread even further is not acceptable.

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It is only by becoming a large group of people we can then apply pressure to the necessary authorities to do something about the disease.

Latest News - NEW PETITION (June 2022)

We have submitted a petition to the No.10 website to call for a debate in Parliament on how Myxomatosis can be prevented. We need 100,000 people to sign it within 6 months - please sign it here

Help us and help rabbits everywhere!

If you have seen Myxomatosis in your local area please let us know so we can tell everyone through our Twitter account to make sure their rabbit/s are uptodate with their vaccinations, Please email us at:

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Myxomatosis is a man-made disease to control the rabbit population. The way it does this is not acceptable in terms of the amount of torture and distress it forces on these animals before they die.

If nothing more this website is about giving people who regard this disease as being incredibly cruel a place to tell the rest of the world how they feel.

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More than anything we need publicity, we’re positive if the public knew of the cruelty and torture under their noses they would react - please spread the word about our petition, follow us on Twitter - many thanks.

1953 - 2022

69 years of torture for rabbits in the UK

In September 1953 the first cases of Myxomatosis
were seen in the UK. It’s time the torture stopped.